Tina –the largest Shire horse in the world!


A different kind of “donner” was heard at the Springbrook Inn Bed and Breakfast the morning of July 28th, 2007.  That was the day that Tina was being presented to the public in the small, quiet town of Niota, Tennessee.  Officially named Jenson Diplomat Tina, she is still a teenager in horse years. Tina is only 3 years old and already weighs 1,600 pounds, but that weight is evident when she gallops by – the ground literally shakes, and her steps rumble like thunder.














Tina’s Daddy


Tina is beginning to put on muscle and weight on her back as she grows, and according to Charlie Creams, supplements distributor from Oakridge, Tennessee, “to insure proper development we are currently giving her naturally chelated trace minerals."



Tina could grow into world's largest horse of all time.

“She measures … 20 hands tall,”., announced Les Moss, Athens, Tennessee veterinarian  as he used a tape measure and level to get an accurate height at the workhorse’s withers. That’s 81 inches at the withers (an equestrian term for the top of the shoulder), and the current ‘unofficial’ Guinness Book World Record.   "She still has at least two years of growth and could reach 21 hands.  That's 7 feet, or 84 inches, measured at the withers,” Jim Williams, one of her owners, said.   The current Guinness World Record holder for tallest living horse is a Belgian draft horse named Radar who lives in Texas.  According to his Web site, he is 19 hands, 3 1/2 inches tall, or 79 1/2 inches…Both her parents were over 19 hands tall, according to Clark Jenson from Blair, Nebraska, Tina's original breeder and the owner of her father.

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Mr. and Mrs. Williams never thought Tina would grow to her present stature. They wanted to match her to Dolly, another English shire they own, to create a pulling team. But the filly began to grow and grow and grow, and now Dolly, at 64 inches and 2,400 pounds, looks small compared to her.  “Tina could eventually weigh as much as 3,500 pounds,” Marge Williams said.  A normal stall in their barn is 12-feet-by-12-feet. “But Tina cannot turn around in that space, so we built her a stall that is 12-feet-by-24-feet,” Marge went on to say.

English shire horses were primarily used as pulling horses in England, and have the reputation of being the largest horse breed even surpassing Clydesdales.  Notwithstanding with their enormous size, they are "people pleasers" and very gentle.  Tina really is a gentle giant.  She does not realize how big she is.  She will follow her handle, Jessica Barnette around like a small puppy.  When asked what they intend to do with Tina, everyone answered they are just going to love her and keep her as happy as they can, they have no intentions of selling her at this time.  Her life expectancy is about 25 years.


The Williamses are originally from Ocala, Florida.  At their present home, besides the bed and breakfast where visitors and also have a place to stable their animals, likewise have a riding academy for children and adults with an experienced instructor.  Other horses at the farm include a thoroughbred, a paint, and others.

















Tina eats a lot!

Tina eats 40-60 lbs of hay, 20 lbs of grain, and 25 gallons of water a day.  As a reward for her good behavior during her measuring covered by the media, a 25 pound bag of carrots was brought out.  She eats normally eats at least 5 pounds of carrots a week, anyway.

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